martes, 16 de marzo de 2010

Inglés Específico I - Unit 2 - unit closing tasks

Last tasks for unit no. 2:

TASK: presentation (exercises 17 and 18, page 21 of coursebook) about a famous tourist destination.

** preparation tasks:

* a blog on the presentation topic
that should have a link in the team blog (all links in only one new entry).
It should be ready by 8th April.

* An outline with the chosen destination and main ideas and detailed subpoints
to be handed in class on Tuesday 23 of March.

* 2 mp3-file voice recordings of your practiced presentation (the second one with improvements).
to be handed in through one USB memory stick per team, with all the team members's recordings in one folder to be copied to the teacher's laptop in class on Wednesday 7th April.

**Presentation: Friday 9 April.

TASK: vocabulary test:
in class on Tuesday 23 March.
Which will include vocabulary from:
* coursebook unit 2 - Destinations
* material handed out on Monfragüe, Extremadura, etc.
* entry on FIO and Monfragüe trip by teacher on blog

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