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Link to blog for my business students class

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Ricardo Solís dijo...

Hi Jesus!
I´m Ricardo Solís Rol.
This is my new indivual direction:

Ricardo Solís dijo...

Hello Jesus!
I am Ricardo Solis Rol, member of Richar´s Girls and this is my favorable critique to 3 members of different groups.
I hope that I have valued good the presentations.
A greeting.

Alvaro Santibañez Saez.
He belongs to the group The Dream Team. He will treat in his work on the animals on the danger of extinction.
His pronunciation is enough good and though he is observed a bit nervously, he does it very well, speaks 1 minute approximately which for the order is enough good.
He uses expressions to connect topics, though he appeals to his summary often.

Sonia Ramos Tejero.
She belongs to the group The Butterfly Company. She will treat in her work about the history of Estremadura. She begins the presentation of her group, which is more complicated and though her contribution overcomes by little the half minute she does not have hardly any interruption.
Her pronunciation also is very acceptable.
Though we know that we can improve all, she does it in general good.

He in his presentation does not appear with his group, he does it by separate.
His topic is the fast food.
It might say that his presentation is one of the best in the sense that he makes it alone and it can give to all " more fear " and this is to take into consideration.
He can improve his pronunciation and be less attentive of his summary since he reads it too often, but as we have said in spite of he exposing alone the topic he does it very acceptably.

jomes dijo...
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elisabeth dijo...
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elisabeth dijo...

Hello Jesus!! I´m Isabel.
My new direction of the blog is:

elisabeth dijo...

Hi Jesus!!I´m Isabel Plaza Olivas,and my group is JOMES.
My comments about 3 persons are:
In the first place,Rebeca that belong the team of Heineken.I think that she spoke very well in her presentation because the pronuntiation is good but she used sometime the memory.
In the second place,Javier that spoke in solitary. He was very valiant because he did the presentation en solitary, but he should pronuntiation better,however his presentation is good.
Finally,Inmaculada of the team "Richar´s girls".I think that she did a good presentation but she was very nervious(same everybody)and her nervious provocated that her pronuntiation was averange.
But in general I think that every presentations was good because this is we first presentation in public.

S@r@ dijo...

Hi Jesus!
I´m Sara Muñoz Rubio.
This is my new indivual direction:

S@r@ dijo...

hello Jesus!! I´m Sara Muñoz Rubio and my group is The Richar´s Girls.
My comment about three persons of the class are:

In first place Jose. He belong to the group "The Butterfly Company"
The topic of the work is The History in Extremadura.
In my opinion his pronunciation this good though the presentation is short.
In general he was good

In second place Loli. She belongs to the group "The Dream Team". The topic the work is the animal on the danger of extinction.
She was very nervous but his pronunciation was well...though is possible improve.
Was the firt time that she was speaking in public, is normal that she had nerves.

Finally, I will comment the presentation the Sonia. She the belong to the group "The Butterfly Company".
In my opinion was of the best presentation.
She wasn´t nervous.
This pronunciation is very good and she communicates enough information.
It´s an excellent presentation

judith ruano dijo...

Hi Jesús!! I´m Judith.
I have created my new direction of the blog already. It is:

Rebeca Pérez Pelayo dijo...

Hello Jesus,I'm Rebeca Pérez from the Heineken team.My new and individual blog direction is

Rebeca Pérez Pelayo dijo...

These are my comments about three differtent people from three different teams:
First,I'll comment something about Judith from Jomes team.
I think she makes the effor to have a good pronounciation and not to read,so I think this is really positive,but I think She speaks for a very short time.

Rebeca Pérez Pelayo dijo...

Next person is Richar,from Richar's girls.
On the one hand He's communicatyng most of the time,and He tries to explain himself correctly.
On the other hand I think his pronounciation is not completely correct.
In my opinion He`s done a great work.

Rebeca Pérez Pelayo dijo...

My last comment is going to be about Lorena,from the Butterfly company.
In my opnion She summarizes her main points very well and quite fluently.
It's a fact that She only uses her piece of paper as a guide,which was one of the most important things that we had to do.
I have chosen people that are trying to tell what they are going to do,because other people are reading a lot,and thats whty I prefer not to comment them.

Anónimo dijo...

Hello Jesús!!

This is my commentary of three persons :

my first commentary is going to Rosana Rodriguez Melchor of the dream team ,i believe that she should to improve her pronunciation and get less nervous but for others her oration was good.

my second person is Alejandro from Heineken group.
In my opinion he is tense and he speaks mechanically about his theme, his pronunciation is quite good ,surely that his next exposition will better.

Finally i´m going to talk about Jose "Joseph" from The butterfly company team.
he have a good argument but he links sentences many times with the preposition "and",he speaks enough clear and follows good his scheme.

Anónimo dijo...

Hello Jesús!!
I´m Álvaro Santibáñez Sáez ; member of THE DREAM TEAM .
This is my personal blog:

Judith Ruano dijo...

Hi Jesús!! I´m Judith.

Now I´m going to talk about 3 people. They are Sonia, Pablo and Gloria.

First, I would like to mention Sonia. She belongs to a team of the "Butterfly Company". She is quite well understandable but she talks very quickly.

Second, I will talk about Pablo (Group: "The Business Area"). He has the representation taken by heart a lot and watching the notes. He doesn´t communicate correctly.

And finally, I will talk about Gloria (Group: "Richar´s Girls"). She was very nervous. I would encourage her to forget the audience and enjoy the representation.

I hope it will be enough!

Judith Ruano Vadillo

Lorena Rico dijo...

Hi Jesús!
I´m Lorena Rico Caballero. My team is `The Butterfly Company´.
My comments about three different people are:

In the first place: Rebeca. She belongs to the `Heineken´ group. I think she did very well her presentation because her pronunciation was good and she seemed relaxed. She spoke slow and seriously.

My next comment is about: Sara. She is a member of the `Richar´s girls´ team. She made the introduction in her team. She did a good presentation and she pronounced well. However, I think she became nervous and she needed to look some times her notes.

Finally: Sergio. He belongs to the `Businesss Area´ group. He spoke for a long time and he did it fluently and clearly. He seemed very relaxed. I think his presentation was very well.

Sergio Martín Corrales dijo...

Hi Jesus!
I'm Sergio Martín Corrales.
My comments are for:

Javier: In my opinion, he is very confident and his smile show a lot of confidence. He communicate very well, and he says interesting things about diet.

Joseph Portillo: He was a little nervous, but his ideas are goods. If he won a bit of confidence, he will make a good exposition.

Alvaro Santibañez: Although he was nervous (he touch his nose sometimes), his pronunciation is clear and precise, and he commmunicate really well.

My individual blogger account is


ballet_nat dijo...
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ballet_nat dijo...

Hi Jesus!
My name is Natalia Villa Martín and my group is Business area
This is my new individual direction :

ballet_nat dijo...

Hello Jesus , I am Natalia Villa
I speak to mistakes that I found in our speeches :

* Most used (expression ) :
Presentation : - In this topic…
- In our region …

* Most use(tenses ) :

-Present Continous :
Subject + going to + infinitive

- Future :
Subject + will + infinitive

* Mistakes ( Pronunciation ) :

- Talk ( whithout 2 )

- Place in place of places . (plural)

Mistake ( Grammar ) :

- there was hamburguers. (Were)

- there is many people. ( Are)

Sonia Ramos Tejero dijo...

Hi Jesus! I'm Sonia Ramos and my group is The Butterfly Company.
My comments about three persons are:
- Ricardo Solís: He belongs to the group The Richar's Girls. I think his presentation is very good because his pronunciation is good and his explanation about his part of the work is very complete. Besides, he wasn't very nervous. In general, his presentation is good.

- Javier: Althoug he read a lot of time the paper, his presentation is very good because he wasn't nervous and he was able to transmit very well the things he want to say. Besides, I think his presentation was more difficult because he had to do it alone. He can improve things as pronunciation but he did it very well.

-Loli: I think that in general her presentation is good but she can improve thing. She was very nervous and she had to look to the paper many times but her pronunciation is good.

Arantxa Serrano González dijo...

Hi Jesus.
I'm Arantxa Serrano González from Business Area and this is my individual direction:

My comments from three persons:

Julio (The Butterfly Company).

He was a little nervous, but he spoke a lot of time and he expressed well, although sometimes he failed the pronunciation.

Loli (The Dream Team).

She was nervous and therefore she was wrong in the pronunciation of some words.


He transmited calmness, he wasn´t nervous. He spoke fluent.
Also, his topic of the work is very interesting.

In general, I think that we did well,knowing that we were nervous and it was the first time that we did this kind of works.

inma_rd dijo...

Hello Jesus!
I am Inma Rama Díaz of the group the Butterfly Company.
My commentary is of these three persons:
Javier: because he was very brave for gone out to exhibit alone and, though most of the presentation was read, I believe that the topic of his work is interesting and I am sure that the next time it was prepared better.
Rebeca: I believe that she have a good pronunciation and she especially marked well the points in her work and, though she was nervous (as all), she did it well.
And finally of Maria del Mar because I believe that she was who has the better pronunciation of all. She was nervous enough and she wasn´t stopping of move but she prepared well the topic and the constructed was good.
. I liked it.

Anónimo dijo...

Hi Jesús!!I am Rosa Ana Rodriguez from "the dream team".

My comment about three persons of the class are:

Sonia (The Butterfly Company):
Sonia does a good presentation because her pronunciation is very good and I believe that she is understandable.

Javier (Javier's Team):
I believe that Javier did a good work on having had value to appear only and to extract the group forward, in addition I think that he has a nice pronunciation.

Arantxa (The Business Area Team):
Arantxa does a good exhibition of her work, though I believe that great guide of the note and in some moments it becomes repetitive, but her work is very interesting and her good pronunciation.

Thanks and sorry for the delay regards!!!

This is my new indivual direction:

adela dijo...

Hello jesus!
I could not be in the presentation because this one badly.
I was going to speak on the future of the group.
My commentaries are:
Inmaculate of the group Richard Girl nervous this one but it does it well.
Sonia of the group of Butterfly Company for my is better the one that does it and Richard of the group Richard Girl tries to do the better thing that can.
A greeting

adela dijo...

Hi Jesus!
My name is Adelaida Nuñez Gordillo and my group is Heineken.
This is my new individual directión:
A greeting.

Anónimo dijo...

Hi Jesús! I´m Judith.
I will comment the differeces between data and information:

- Data: they are simply observations.

- Information: analisys of data.

adela dijo...

Hello Jesus!
I'm Adelaida.
The difference between data and information is:
The information it is several datas and data is the only element.

Julio Nuñez dijo...

Hi Jesus!!

I am Julio Núñez of heineken group,
this is my new indivual link:

PD:Better late than never HHAHAHA

Julio Nuñez dijo...

Hi Jesus!
I am Julio Núñez, from Heineken group
my critique to three members of different groups:

Jose Portillo from The Butterfly Company:

He demonstrates that he has big knowledge of the English, he expresses well and he isn´t nervous .

Arantxa from The Business Area Team:

She has a great pronunciation of the English and supports a great visual contact with the rest of the class.

Javier fromJavier's Team:

Though he was alone without his team, he told well his idea.The topic that he used was interested.The fast food.

Natalia Villa Martín dijo...

I have done activity page 38 :
-Why do yui think data is different of information?
Because data is :
- information,facts or statistics:
e.g.: We have insufficient data to reach any firm conclusion / collect data for market research
NOTE: analyse,collect,examine,record,use data
-information put into,or stored and processed by,a computer
e.g.: feel data into a computer / How long will it take to retrieve the data?
And information is :
consists of facts about people or thing.

Julio Nuñez dijo...

Hi Jesus!!

The difference between data and information is the next:

Information: knowledge communicated or received concerning a particular fact or circumstance; news: information concerning a crime

Data: individual facts, statistics, or items of information: These data represent the results of our

javier pajuelo dijo...

HI Jesus!! I am Javier Pajuelo, from my point of view, this are the best singles presentation .

In first place; I think that the best presentation is Sonia Ramos Tejero from The Butterfly Company Team, she explain very well all the information , and she has a good accent and she is very sure what is saying and reading, she look the people at same time that she reading the paper, and transmit very well the message.

Only I detect a mistake it is that she is supported on the table when she is talking this isn't correct, because she doesn`t respect a well protocol

In second place Elisabeth from The JOMES Team ; she has very nice accent and pronunciation , and she is very nice when explain the information and is very calm. I can see three mistakes , she doesn't look the eyes of the people when is talking,she is supported on the table and she move all the time the paper with his hands, despite of this she has done a very well presentation.

In third place ; Alvaro from The Dream Team , he talking about danger extinction animals, his pronunciation is very good but he is very nervous and is moving all the time his body and can improve his attitude , despite of this realice a good explanation but he can improve.

Anónimo dijo...

hi Jesus!! I am sorry but my mp3 don´t last the right time because I traslate the format to mp3, but this don´t all time.

I could deliver you on Monday, the correct format of audio with the correct time??

Thank you!!

ALfons Solís dijo...

I improve my blog

Anónimo dijo...

I improve my blog a little

Alfonso Solís Guerrero